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***Product with a possibility of a big margin, up to 500%


From + 48 kg get 5% discount


Comes in 6 boxes of 4kg each in order to protect the husks from breakeage.


Organic not certified


Rich in antioxidants, cascara is the coffee husk and skin from the coffee cherries. Typically, when coffee is processed, the skin is a byproduct of the process and usually ends up as waste or maybe in compost.


Since 2012, the University of Costa Rica and Ricardo Perez Barrantes, Marvin en Felipe Rodriguez have researched the possibility of creating food-grade cascara using modern technology and pasteurization. The process destroys or deactivates microorganisms and enzymes that contribute to food spoilage or risk of disease, including vegetative bacteria, but keeps all the health benefits present in the coffee skin.


In an interesting role reversal, the coffees used here were picked specifically to produce cascara—the coffee seeds are the "by-product" and not the other way around.


Fruity, bright and floral, with just the right amount of cranberry and cherry tartness, melon and hibiscus, cascara is delightful brewed hot or cold. It is lightly caffeinated (about the same amount of caffeine as green tea) and is incredibly shelf stable.


PRODUCER: Ricardo Perez / Marvin & Felipe Barrantes

FARM: Finca Santa Lucía & Anonos

REGION: West Valley, Costa Rica


PROCESS: Depulped/Pasteurized/Dehydrated

ELEVATION: 1700 Masl


How to make Cascara Tea:


We happen to really like the 1:15 ratio!


Place 10g of the cascara into a decanter or a french press

Pour 150g of hot water into the the decanter and start your timer.

Steep for 4-5 minutes.

At minute 2, stir the elixir twice with a spoon.

Carefully pour elixir while restraining the cascara into a warm cup and enjoy!


Would you like another amount? Get in touch!


How much did we pay the farmer? The farmgate price of this cascara is $12/kg.

Gesha Organic Food Grade Cáscara PASTEURIZED 24 kg

1 Kilogram
Excluding Sales Tax
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