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This coffee is Organic not (yet) certified.


Cupping notes: Coffee with floral notes of jasmin, white tea, very creamy, medium-high body.


SCA score 87,5


Producer: Diomer Figueroa


Total bags available: 5 bags/ 70 kg


The minimum amount of bags for this lot is 1 bag of 70 kg each. The admin costs of the warehouse are €35/pallet


We are proud to collaborate with Fred Bertolone of Plurilateral Solutions in the trade of this coffee. Since 2017, Fred has forged close partnerships with Colombian farmers, directly importing coffee into Europe. We are honored to have Fred as our sourcing and logistics partner in Colombia.

2405- Gesha Honey

1 Kilogram
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Diomer is the third generation, after his father don Álvaro Figueroa, senior coffee farmer of Finca La Fuente. Since 6 years now Diomer is taking care of the processes on the farm and supports his father. 

    How many years have you been cultivating coffee fully organic? 

    8 years, we use all the biological waste of the coffee production and the food waste of the farm to produce our fertilizers 
    We have a “bio-fabrica” which is a setup of different fermentation tanks where we use microorganisms to produce liquids that we use for foliar application of the plants to fight plagues and harmful insects. 
    All water that we use comes from our own springs on the farm, the only water involved in the process of coffee production is for the floating selection. 
    In the rest there is no water involved.

    The harvest is fully made by hand, we pay additional to the daily payment an extra to the pickers for selecting only the ripest cherries. 
    After a second manual selection, the cherries are floated in water to pick out the ones that are overripe or not fully developed. 
    Then we proceed to the pre fermentation of 48 hours in cherry, in closed clean plastic bags. 
    Then the coffee is being wet milled and continues to a further depulped fermentation of 46-48 hours. 
    There is no water involved, just the most of the same coffee juices. 
    The final process is slow drying in raised beds for 14-18 days depending on the climate. 

    Diomer proudly owns and runs two outlets of his own café, Macadamia Coffee, in Pitalito’s local fruit and vegetable market and in the city center. 
    In his cafés he proudly serves his family’s coffee and taught his wife his barista skills. 
    What are his wishes for the future? 

    That the roasters that buy his top lots like the pink bourbon honey also show interest in his other coffees that are worth a try, since a coffee producer always produces qualities on a farm. Standard varieties like washed Castillo or Caturra, with scores of 84 and 85 points would also be of great appetite for his international customers.

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