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Annelise Scholl

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Annelise, born in Costa Rica with Dutch heritage, is driven by a mission to serve as a vital connection for coffee farmers. Her goal is to elevate the standards of the entire coffee industry, empowering producers to enhance their crops, improve the livelihoods of their families, and conquer the international market.

Annelise envisions business models that generate collective value, prioritizing positive human evolution, happiness, wellbeing, socio-environmental balance, and strategic business articulation.


She is the visionary behind the #jointheboat campaign, a concept that unites individuals in a shared commitment to this transformative journey, a new way of doing coffee trading based on a community import.

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  coffee curator & commercial representative

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Maarten's coffee journey began as a freelance culinary writer and journalist. In 2003, he authored a groundbreaking guide on espresso preparation for baristas- an unfamiliar term at the time. With his role as a sensory judge in national and international SCA competitions, and as a coach for the World Barista Championships in 2010 and 2011, Maarten established himself as an authoritative figure with an exceptional palate. He also founded and served as the Chief Editor of KoffieTcacao magazine.

In 2013, Maarten ventured into Giraffe Coffee Roasters, collaborating with Annelise and working with the remarkable F-1 hybrids from Shefa Exclusive Coffee. He and his team also joined us on an origin trip in 2022.

In 2023, Maarten gracefully transitioned from Giraffe Coffee Roasters to join our purpose-driven team.

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Erika is the person behind our logistics management. She is an expert in international logistics, project management, supply chain, cost and financial analysis. Very skilled in analytics and monitoring of projects, Erika never misses a detail and always makes sure to make the best choices to provide cost efficiency and avoid risks.


She has lots of experience in trade between Costa Rica and The Netherlands. Erika also has a keen interest in coffee as she manages her own local specialty coffee brand Café Araya.


barista- sales ambassador

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In 2013, Pablo embarked on a journey with special coffees, paving the way for their expression and development in Spain. He supports roasters and cafeterias, while also making a name for himself as a barista.

Pablo's career took a leap at SLOWMOV, where he fine-tuned his sensory skills and established himself as a skilled barista.

At LaBicicleta Café, he created SIDES AVANT-GARDE, innovative pairings of specialty coffees with gastronomy. Later, he founded GuestRoastah, a platform promoting specialty roasters.

Now, Pablo's mission is to connect with producers, making their work visible and sharing the untold stories behind the coffee we enjoy.

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