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OUR distribution MODEL

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The stretch

Transparency & Traceability at the Forefront

We are able to stretch the farmgate price by eliminating unnecessary middlemen in the chain and by establishing a relationship and buying directly from the farmer. 


We are aware of the socio-economic gap that farmers deal with. We are determined to offer detailed insights about our supply chain. Sector-wide transparency provides context for fair negotiations. Our main goal is to stretch the income of the farmer as much as we can in order to aid them in their goal of continued coffee excellence, while also encouraging opportunities to expand their farms, technology, businesses and knowledge.

Price Breakdown

-Farmer contribution
-Micro-Mill- This can vary from farmer to farmer due to some having more extended processing facilities.
-ICAFE- Export tax is 1.5% of FOB price

This includes managing the export, shipping, importing and clearance costs at the port of Rotterdam, insurance, Q-grading, risk management, bureaucracy and warehousing.

Grounds' compensation for its sales operations, spending time and resources in sourcing, importing and promoting partner producers, costs of courier for sending samples, organizing cuppings, participating in international festivals and access to funding and finance where needed. This percentage also includes transaction losses, marketing, sales and coordinating deliveries. Our work also includes the time we spend in building relationships between roasters and producers, managing risks and logistics management and managing relationships with shipping and warehousing partners.

This percentage is our financing cost through loans that we take in order to ensure upfront payment to our partner farmers for the Spot coffees.

When you participate in our #JOINTHEBOAT pre-sale, you enjoy this discount due to upfront commitment, which also gives our farmers great security in the allocation of their coffees.

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Annelise Scholl



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Born in Costa Rica and half Dutch, Annelise is on a mission to function as a bridge for Costa Rican farmers. She wants to raise the bar for all players in the coffee industry, helping farmers improve their crop, the livelihood of their families and leading them on their journey to conquer the international market. Annelise's vision lies in supporting the development of new value-driven business models, managing the articulation of a business strategy and is the creator behind the #jointheboat campaign.

Drop me an email here.

Meet the rest of the team here.

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