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Specialty coffee from the most renowned region in Colombia: Huila

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Diomer is the third generation, after his father don Álvaro Figueroa, senior coffee farmer of Finca La Fuente. Diomer has taken over the production of the farm, supporting his father for 6 years now/

Finca La Fuente has been cultivating fully-organic for 8 years now.

They use all the biological waste of coffee production and food waste of the farm to produce their fertilizer.

They also have a “bio-fabrica” which is a setup of different fermentation tanks where they use microorganisms to produce liquids that for foliar application of the plants to fight plagues and harmful insects. 

Even though they produce fully organic, they are not organic certified mainly because the farm is 2,5 hectares which makes a certification very expensive. But who knows, in the future they might attain it.

All water used comes from their own springs on the farm and the only water involved in the process of coffee production is for the floating selection. For the rest, there is no water involved.

The harvest is fully made by hand and they pay an additional daily payment to the pickers for selecting only the ripest cherries. 

Important also to mention that the drying is done by slow drying in raised beds for 14-18 days depending on the climate. This helps the coffee have a longer shelf-life.

the farm

Finca 'La Fuente' farm is located in the Huila region and more specifically the town of Guacacallo. This region of Colombia is well known all over the world for the quality of their coffee. 

Region: Huila, Colombia


Altitude: 1600 masl


Varieties: Pink Bourbon, Castillo


Other Varieties: Gesha


Processes: natural, honey, anaerobic, washed.


Growing area: 2,5 hectares

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direct trade

Our coffee is meticulously sourced through direct trade, eliminating intermediaries. This fosters transparent and equitable distribution of earnings, reflecting our commitment to traceability and fairness. Each of our coffees originates from single estate micro-lots, carefully selected and processed to maintain their distinct flavor profiles. Experience the pinnacle of coffee quality – from the hands of the farmer to the richness of your cup.

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