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Working together with farmers in the Huila region


dry millING and collaborations

Trilladora Hulcafe is a family owned business that collaborates closely with farmers in the Huila region, ensuring that the coffee reflects the dedication and tradition of Colombian coffee culture.

Hulcafé's processing plant has grown and evolved, over time, it has continuously adapted to meet the needs of both the national and international coffee markets. 

They started exporting to Europe via direct relationships for the first time thanks to the collaboration between them and Plurilateral Solutions and Grounds Coffees.

For the sugarcane decaf process, Hulcafe works specifically with 21 farmers in the Huila region. 

sugarcane process

Descafecol, located in Colombia, is a renowned decaffeination plant celebrated for its innovative use of the sugarcane decaf process.


This method, also known as the ethyl acetate process, employs a natural solvent derived from fermented sugarcane to effectively remove caffeine from coffee beans. The process is both efficient and environmentally friendly, preserving the beans' flavor integrity while minimizing chemical residues.


Leveraging Colombia's rich agricultural resources, Descafecol ensures a sustainable and high-quality decaffeination process, positioning itself as a leader in the production of exceptional decaffeinated coffee.


direct trade

Our coffee is meticulously sourced through direct trade, eliminating intermediaries. This fosters transparent and equitable distribution of earnings, reflecting our commitment to traceability and fairness. Each of our coffees originates from single estate micro-lots, carefully selected and processed to maintain their distinct flavor profiles. Experience the pinnacle of coffee quality – from the hands of the farmer to the richness of your cup.

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