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Specialty coffee from the renowned Tarrazú region


3rd generation farmers

Café La Cumbre is a family-owned company with roots dating back over 90 years, when the Jiménez Valverde family began producing coffee in small quantities on the same lands that are currently cultivated.


Generation after generation, production grew, and in 2014, Minor Jiménez Abarca (third generation) and his wife Nancy Gaitán Cruz gave it the name Café La Cumbre.

Minor is an agricultural ingeneer with a huge interest in innovation and sustainability. He focuses on cultivating varieties that develop their maximum genetic expression, with very healthy and nutritionally balanced crops. Combined with innovative drying processes, they consistently obtain coffee with cupping scores exceeding SCA 85 every year. 

Café La Cumbre is recognized with the 'Bandera Azul' Certification which is given by the Ministry of Agriculture to those farms and mills producing under economic, social and environmental reponsibility.


the farm

'Cafe La Cumbre'  is located in the 'Tarrazú' region and more specifically San Marcos. This region is recognized for high altitudes and quality coffee. 

Region: San Marcos, Tarrazú


Altitude: 1650 masl


Main variety: Caturra-Catuai


Other Varieties: Centroamericano (F-1 Hybrid)


Processes: washed, honey, natural


Flavor profile: Very well-balanced with a medium body and bright acidity. Flavor attributes are complex and range from tropical fruit, nuts and dark chocolate to citrus fruit.


Growing area: 25 hectares 


direct trade

In 2022, they made an investment to increase production capacity and gain control over the entire process. They expanded the drying space with patios and beds, constructed a building for the installation of a dryer and a roaster, both of which feature high-tech environmentally friendly and efficient technology. They also built a dry mill to perform quality control, finally ensuring control over the entire production process, guaranteeing traceability, origin, and quality. By partnering with Grounds they can now enjoy direct connection with roasters in Europe.

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