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Innovation in agriculture through F-1 Hybrid Varieties.

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Fernando and Angie own coffee plantations in the Western Valley of Costa Rica. This region has been called one of the most complex due to its microclimates. Morning sunshine, afternoon rain, volcanic soils and high elevations without frost... coffee growing paradise! This region also accumulates an extremely high percentage of Cup of Excellence winners.

Their estate is located at more than 1800 meters above sea level. Their goal is to find the most ideal processing methods for each variety that they harvest. ​


Fernando is an agricultural engineer and pioneer in the cultivation of new hybrid F-1 coffee varieties. These have been developed by World Coffee Research together with Catie and Sirad University, with the intention of developing genetic diversity and driving the industry's sustainability. These varieties are stronger against climate change and plant diseases than their local counterparts, requiring less pesticides and have a higher production yield. 

Angie recently acquired her Q-grader certification. Her tasting skills and dedication means that the quality of the coffee they produce will only continue to improve by combining their knowledge in cultivation all the way to  processing, roasting and up to the final cup result.


F-1 Hybrids make their land not only more productive than average, but result in amazing quality coffees with high SCA cupping scores. 

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Located in Llano Bonito of Naranjo, West Valley of Costa Rica, the plantation is recognised for its specialty coffee production.


The plantation is the first ever to be planted with 100% F-1 Hybrid varieties and serves as testing ground for innovation and best practices.


Altitude: 1800 above sea level ​


Main variety: Milenio

Other Varieties: Centroamericano, Esperanza, Casiopea, and Excelencia.


Processes: washed, honey, natural, anaerobic.


Flavor profile: In the cup one can experience flavors of peach, grapefruit, tropical fruit such as papaya, ripe orange and apricot.


Plantation size: 11.6 hectares


direct trade

Our coffee is meticulously sourced through direct trade, eliminating intermediaries. This fosters transparent and equitable distribution of earnings, reflecting our commitment to traceability and fairness. Each of our coffees originates from single estate micro-lots, carefully selected and processed to maintain their distinct flavor profiles. Experience the pinnacle of coffee quality – from the hands of the farmer to the richness of your cup.

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