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Bean backer project

Embark on a flavorful journey through the world of coffee. By becoming a coffee planter, you'll not only savor the rich and diverse tastes of our coffee beans, but you'll also forge a direct connection with the farmers who nurture them. Choose your coffee plantation, follow the growth of your beans, and in return, relish the exclusive rewards of your own coffee harvest – a true blend of sustainability, culture, and caffeinated delight.


support a piece of the future and become part of the producer's story

Adopt a plot of land of one of our partner producers. You get to choose the amount of square meters or hectares you would like to patron.



Live the experience and get on the backstage of coffee production. Get monthly updates and follow the lifecycle of your coffee plantation; from flowering, growth of the cherries, everyday maintenance, ripening of the grapes and into the harvest season. You are free to visit the plantations anytime too, or with our yearly Origin Trip!

Immerse yourself in coffee production, foreign culture and learn about regenerative agriculture, biodiversity and everyday life at a coffee plantation.


When the harvest is ready you receive your own personalised bags of coffee. You can even choose the way your coffee is processed.

provide support to sustainable farmers

By joining our 'Adopt a Coffee Plantation' program, you're not only indulging in exceptional coffee experiences but also championing sustainable farming practices.

Aside from 'reserving' your coffee beforehand which already gives the farmer a lot of production security, you are pre-financing projects at origin.

Your participation directly supports coffee farmers by providing them with vital financing opportunities to invest in their crops, improve their livelihoods, and foster eco-friendly cultivation techniques.

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Coffee roasters can play a pivotal role in uniting the coffee industry and engaging their final customers in a meaningful way through an 'Adopt-a-Coffee-Tree' initiative. By offering this program to for example, to subscription clients,  roasters not only empower individuals to also to be a part of our journey from seed to cup, but also contribute to crowd-fund the broader 'Adopt a Coffee Plantation' program.

We can offer name tags on the coffee plants with your client's name who has adopted a tree and are open to help you use this program in your communication and marketing plan on a bigger scale.



We are currently in the pilot phase, evaluating the program's feasibility and effectiveness.  Our official program is set to launch in 2024, marking the beginning of an exciting journey ahead.

The sponsorship fees for specific land plots will be channeled directly into targeted projects, ranging from acquiring fertilizers to establishing water processing facilities, biodiversity and sustainability innitiatives, enhancing infrastructure, and improving worker conditions.


Collaboratively with the farmers, we will assess their requirements and pinpoint areas where we can collectively make the most significant socio-environmental impact.

Immerse yourself in the land, heritage, and local culture, and savour the rewards of your unique coffee-making adventure.

Want to join us? Send us an email to:

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