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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order?

Annelise can walk you through the process of buying coffees, guide you through what options are currently available and which origin samples are coming in. We can also make suggestions for you based on your needs, paying special attention to coffee types, flavour profiles, certifications and traceability, price, and volume.


We accept orders by phone at +31(0) 6 38 61 94 29, or by e-mail:

What is the minimum quantity?

While we have no minimum order, we are happy to deliver 1 bag if you like. However, shipping rates are more economical on full-pallet orders. 

What are the bag sizes?
Our standard bag size is 46 kg. Other bag sizes are available for special orders.
What is the packaging like?
Our standard packaging for export is Grain Pro Twist and Tie™ with yute bag.
How much is a pallet?
Our standard pallets are made up of 16 bags of 46kg. each.  
When can I expect my coffee to be delivered?
The shipping container will leave the Costa Rican shores in May. It takes at least 3 weeks for the container to arrive in Rotterdam. Track and trace will be offered to those taking part in the #JOINTHEBOAT program.
What logistic companies are you working with?
We are currently in conversations with the logistics agency Sealogic BV and the company to receive, store and manage our coffee will be Vollers Holland BV in Rotterdam. 
What kind of contract is this?
We will offer a forward-booking coffees contract for the #jointheboat campaign. This means that you are booking the coffee from origin that will be arriving in Europe.
Who invoices me?
In order to facilitate the process, you will be invoiced by Grounds Costa Rica registered company in The Netherlands. However if you buy on FOB terms and arrange your own freight, you will be invoiced directly by the farmer Gaia Artisanal Coffee.
Payment and terms?
In order to secure your coffee, 50% of the payment should be done as soon as you book your place. From that moment on, the coffee is yours, we facilitate the logistics for you. We work on a first-come first-serve basis and therefore if you want a specific coffee, we recommend you book your place as soon as possible. This way, the farmer knows that that is your coffee and will not sell it to anyone else. We accept payment by wire transfer.
How does the delivery take place?
Coffee will be stored in a European warehouse. We are happy to arrange shipping to your door anywhere in Europe. Storage of your contracted coffees can be easily built into the contract price at very low cost. You can also come pick up the coffee yourself. We are also able to arrange shipment of full-container loads directly from origin to your own warehousing facility or location. 
How do I know if the quality of the coffee is OK?
The coffee will be sampled upon leaving Costa Rica, this is a standard procedure done by the Institute of Coffee and will be tested again upon arrival in Rotterdam. One quality control will be done per lot by a third-party. This will eliminate any risk of anything having happened to the coffee during shipping. 
What happens if there's something wrong with my delivery?
We are dedicated to full customer service, and want you to be completely satisfied with the coffee you receive. If you have any questions or concerns about an order, don’t hesitate to let us know via email to: and we will do our best to make it right.
How should I store my green coffee?
Coffee is at its best in a cool, dry environment that is out of sunlight and away from areas where humidity, rodents, or insects can cause damage and preferably off the ground and away from food preparation or storage. Ideally you’d have a dedicated warehouse or storage area with climate control set between 15–21°C at 50–60% humidity.  We realize that isn’t possible for many small roasters.

If you have limited resources, we recommend the following:

1. Keep your coffee in GrainPro bags and keep the GrainPro closed between uses.

2. Store coffee in the cool area of your facility, out of direct sunlight and away from anything that affects moisture in the air such as dishwashers, steam radiators, dehumidifiers, etc.

3. If you have multiple bags on contract, consider allowing us to hold them in the warehouse over a few months rather than taking delivery of the entire volume at once. You can do this by adding a very fair surplus to the price of the coffee.

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