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ABOUT Noble Esperanza

Specialty coffee from the renowned West Valley Region of Costa Rica


heritage meets quality & regenerative agriculture

Francisco and Kattia recently acquired the Micro-Mill and multiple Cup of Excellence winners La Perla del Café. Not acquired by coincidence, Francisco's family from both mother and father's side had been traditionally coffee producers in the vast heritage of Costa Rica's coffee history. In honour of his ancestors, he is now coffee producer himself and named the Mill 'Noble Esperanza Heritage'.

His experience in banking has given him an opportunity to help modernize the payment system for coffee pickers and also support other farmers in their access to finance in order to help in the development of the industry.

Noble Esperanza recently acquired the certification 'Regenified Certificate' which recognizes farms, ranches, forests, and producers committed to the growth of regenerative agriculture and the adoption of certified products. Regenerative farming integrates time-tested ecological principles that build healthier soil, biodiversity, cleaner water, and resilient ecosystems to revitalize communities, create a healthier planet, and better human health.

the farm

'Noble Esperanza' farm is located in the 'West Valley' region and more specifically Los Robles de Naranjo. 

Region: Los Robles, Naranjo, Costa Rica


Altitude: 1500 masl


Main variety: Villa Sarchí, SL28, Typica, Gesha


Processes: natural, honey


Flavor profile: The region is known for producing some of Costa Rica's highest-quality coffee, and its distinct flavor profile is highly sought after by coffee enthusiasts worldwide. Characterized by high fruitiness, stone fruit, sweet and citric acidity.


Growing area: 6 hectares.


direct trade

Our coffee is meticulously sourced through direct trade, eliminating intermediaries. This fosters transparent and equitable distribution of earnings, reflecting our commitment to traceability and fairness. Each of our coffees originates from single estate micro-lots, carefully selected and processed to maintain their distinct flavor profiles. Experience the pinnacle of coffee quality – from the hands of the farmer to the richness of your cup.

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