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Cupping Profile


Notes of black plum, strawberry, mango, red grapes, honey and cacao aftertaste, yoghurt-like acidity, dense body, excellent balance, clean cup, complex.


This coffee was skillfully utilized by Matteo Pavoni during the National Italian Barista Competitions in 2024, securing an impressive 2nd place!


SCA Score 89


Availability: 2 bags of 46 kg


Producer: Don Alexis Coffee


Region: Los Santos, Tablón del Guarco, Costa Rica


Altitude: 1750 above sea level ​


The minimum amount of bags for this lot is 1 bag of 46 kg each. The admin costs of the warehouse are €35/order


Farmgate price of this coffee $10,50/kg


See our distribution model here.

314- Natural Thermic Aerobic Los Campos

€ 805,00Price
1 Kilogram
Excluding VAT
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