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Our coffees are produced and traded with outermost attention to quality and respect for people and the environment. Our direct trade model ensures fair prices, a transparent supply chain and the highest grade coffee beans.

Our exclusive selection is sourced from new hybrid varieties and innovative processes that have unique flavour profiles. Direct trade doesn't get more direct than this!

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Spot coffees available at our partner warehouse Vollers, Rotterdam.

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The Harvest


With this adopt-a-plantation project, roasters are able to patreon a plantation throughout the year and receive coffee from their own plot of land that they sponsor.


Immerse in the art of coffee production, get involved in generating real positive impact together and build a strong relationship with the producer at origin.


We put people forward, humanising and bringing unity in the industry.

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#JOINTHEBOAT community


Join the boat is an initiative where roasters get together and share a shipping container.


You can purchase exclusive lots from the latest harvest from our partner farmers and book your spot in the container that will be shipping the coffee to Europe with each upcoming harvest. We take care of the logistics for you!


EXPLORE OUR projects


 ORIGIN TRIp   costa rica    2024

Come travel with us, meet our farmers and discover the most important landmarks of our coffee producing grounds.


It will be harvest season and there will be lots to see!



Grounds Coffees is a boutique importer of specialty coffee in Europe, committed to revolutionizing the way we source and enjoy coffee. We believe that transparency and collaboration are key to producing the highest quality coffee.

Our mission is to help farmers and roasters navigate the specialty coffee trade by fostering direct trade relationships and facilitating logistics. We recognise that smaller specialty coffee businesses face unique challenges in managing their own imports and logistics, which is why we created a Community-Based Coffee import called #jointheboat.


This innovative approach enables a group of roasters to share a shipping container and shorten the supply chain by eliminating unnecessary middlemen.

We prioritise quality and traceability in our supply chain, and involve farmers and roasters in every step of the process. By building a bridge between the producer and international roasters, we foster long-lasting trade relationships that benefit everyone involved. Our partnership with our partner producers aids them in their goal of continued coffee excellence, while also encouraging opportunities to expand their farms, technology, businesses, and knowledge in a rapidly changing international market.

At Grounds Coffees, we are dedicated to raising the bar for specialty coffee and helping farmers and their families succeed in the global market. Join us on our mission to create a more sustainable and collaborative coffee industry.

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what our partners say about us

Green Coffee Buyer, Giraffe Coffee Roasters

“Grounds Costa Rica together with Gaia is 'next level' for Giraffe Coffee as a specialty coffee partner. The driving force behind Grounds of Costa Rica is Annelise Scholl. She is a Costa Rican who convinces the coffee world from the Netherlands with unique coffees from her native country. She combines Latin American flair with an accurate follow-up. The expectations in the field of communication (marketing info) and logistics are exceeded time and again. Exceptional coffee with exceptional support"

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Grounds Costa Rica

Noord Brabant,

The Netherlands

KVK 80928099

BTW NL003506191B06

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